This aims at promoting rights and evidencebased policies and programmes for and by grassroot rural and peri-urban based female sex workers countrywide. It also aims at strengthening participation in the development and dissemination of rightsbased research, and knowledge management, and learning; and collection, analysis and dissemination of grassroot rural and peri-urban based female sex workers in Uganda.

Capability statement 1. Financial management capacity: AWAC has an effective finance management system and internal control mechanisms, guidelines and policies to ensure efficient and effective programme delivery.  The Board has a finance and audit subcommittee that is responsible for monitoring the financial operations of the secretariat to ensure adherence to the policy guidelines and standards including donor compliance. The board convenes on a quarterly basis to review and approve financial budgets and reports. AWAC financial operation at the secretariat is guided by financial, procurement and human resource policy manuals that are aligned to the national and international policy standards and principals. The department also has fully functional financial accounting system (Quick books) that helps in keeping financial records and reporting. AWAC also carries out regular value for money audits conducted both internally and by external independent audit firms. AWAC has a well-established financial approval structure/levels that ranges from the user department, programme manager, finance and administration manager to the Executive Director. 2. Program management capacity and key Achievements AWAC’s programming is anchored on her five-year strategic plans developed through highly consultative and participatory processes including all stakeholders to address their specific needs and challenges.  Since her inception in 2015, AWAC in addition to the on-going projects has successfully managed a range of donor funded projects that have impacted on the lives of female’s sex workers and their children and the adolescent young girls engaged in sex work.